Our Plans

Digital Art Experience London – an unmissable visitor attraction featuring wow-factor and high impact immersive and interactive digital experiences.   

Highlighting the impact of technology on our daily lives, through digital art experiences that spark curiosity and prompt group chat.   

The museum will occupy a 3,000-10,000 sqm space and will bring about vibrant partnerships where digital artists and creators collaborate with the tech sector to examine and communicate important issues raised by technological innovation.   

What kind of art will I see?

Art that uses digital technology - a 360 immersive experience, video projection mapping, augmented reality, sensor activated art, kinetic art.   

What others are saying

“Digital art has long needed a permanent space in London, one of the world's most vibrant hot spots for new media art, where the next generation of technology meets the future of creativity. As an artist, researcher and digital media creative, I full-heartedly support Digital Art Experience London in their efforts to build a home for the artists of the future, and audiences of a future - a space for science, artistic practice and creative engagement to meet at the heart of the London creative scene.” 

Dr Oliver Gingrich, Artist and Lecturer, Bournemouth University

“A permanent home for digital artists in the UK is long overdue. A new digital art museum in London is a necessary addition to the UK cultural sector that will allow us to present innovative and groundbreaking artists for the world to see.” 

Aphra Shemza, Artist and Curator and Co-founder of Art in Flux.